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Ayumi Hamasaki to perform at "Kishidan Banpaku 2012"

September 10, 2012 @ 9:39 am
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As reported previously, Kishidan is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year and will be holding a concert festival, Kishidan Banpaku 2012 ‘Boso Rock ‘n’ Roll Olympic” on September 16th and 17th at Sodegaura Seaside Park in Chiba. VAMPS, T.M. Rvolution, Okamura Yasuyuki and Koizumi Kyoko are among some of the big names appearing at the event, and Ayumi Hamasaki is the latest big-name addition to the list.

Until now, the only summer festival that Hamasaki Ayumi has participated in is the annual <a-nation> event. In response to Kishidan leader Ayanokoji Sho’s fervent request, she will be appearing on the second day of the Kishidan Banpaku event on September 17th.

Hamasaki met Ayanokoji in 2005 at <a-nation>. Since then, Kishidan felt that one of these days, they have to invite Hamasaki to their own event. After a seven year wait, Kishidan’s wish will be fulfilled at the “Kishidan Banpaku 2012”.

DJ OZMA and Hamasaki Ayumi gave their respective comments about the festival below.

Is it true that Ayu-chan is participating? Woah! That’s great! Hot! You did it, Kishidan! Great job, Kishidan! It will be okay even if several tens of thousands of people come! But the event is so lavish that there wouldn’t no profit. Well, well, this is the time to do it with a bang!! From Japan’s #1 diva Hamasaki Ayumi to Japan’s #1 un-Japanese DJ OZMA, we will muster our full forces! Let’s have the world’s sweetest summer at Kishidan Banpaku!!” – DJ OZMA

This is special event for Sho-kun and everybody. I want to help if I can. He gave me a shout and I’m very happy to accept. I think there are many people who haven’t seen us perform together. Like always, we will give our all for the performance.” – Hamasaki Ayumi

Check out the timetable for the two day event below!

9/16/2012 Opening Performance by DJ OZMA
11:30~ Group Tamashi
12:40~ Sendai Kamotsu
13:50~ Koizumi Kyoko
15:00~ Shonan no Kaze
16:10~ Momoiro Clover S
17:20~ Okamura Yasuyuki
18:30~ Kishidan & more

9/17/2012 Opening Performance by DJ OZMA
11:30~ Golden Bomber
12:40~ Unicorn
13:50~ the GazettE
15:00~ Kishidan
16:40~ T.M.Rvolution
17:50~ VAMPS
19:00~ Hamasaki Ayumi
Closing Performance by Kishidan

Source + Image: Barks


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