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Chatmonchy reveals details on upcoming album "Henshin"

September 14, 2012 @ 4:08 am
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Chatmonchy has revealed the details on their upcoming album, "Henshin"!

This is Chatmonchy's first album since they became a 2-member band last October. It will include 5 of their previously released singles "Hatena", "Mangetsu ni Hoero", "Thermae Roman", "Kirakira Hikare", and "Convenience Honeymoon" along with 7 brand new songs.

"Henshin" will be released on October 10th in both limited and regular editions. The limited edition will come with a DVD titled 'Henshinchu' which contains footage from the band's studio lives.

Check out the jacket cover and track list below!



01. Henshin
02. Hatena
03. Thermae Roman
04. Shoujo E
05. Convenience Honeymoon
06. Yes or No or Love
07. Hatsu Hinode
08. Aruku Objet
09. Kirakira Hikare
10. Futari, Jinsei, Jiyuugaoka
11. Utatane
12. Mangetsu ni Hoero

Limited Edition DVD:
01. Kirakira Hikare
02. Hatsu Hinode
03. Convenience Honeymoon
04. Yes or No or Love
05. Utatane

Source & Photos: natalie


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