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Dancer TAKAHIRO to appear in YouTube artist GILLE's music video

September 22, 2012 @ 2:56 am
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On September 20th, it was revealed that TAKAHIRO (31), a famous dancer known for the "Shukan Gallop" CM who has previously accompanied American songstress Madonna (54) on her tour, will appear in the music video of female singer GILLE’s (25) first single “GIRLS” (to be released for sale on October 24th.)

GILLE became a hot topic after receiving over9 million views on her English-language covers of songs including AKB48’s “Flying Get" that she uploaded on YouTube.  Her high vocal potential garnered the attention of TAKAHIRO, who readily agreed to appear in her music video.

TAKAHIRO commented, “As an artist who works with a similar mindset of working to gain the world’s attention, I wait in anticipation of her activities.”  GILLE spoke about her activities stating, “I will take what I absorbed from TAKAHIRO during filming and step-up my music activities from here on out.”

Check out GILLE's "Flying Get" cover and "Girls" teaser below:

Source and Image: Sanspo


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