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Fukuyama Masaharu holds a fan club live event + announces his annual year-end concert

September 19, 2012 @ 2:49 am
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On September 17th, singer and actor Fukuyama Masaharu (43) announced at his fan club live event at Yokohama Stadium that he would hold his 10 day annual year-end live performance in December at Pacifico Yokohama.

Entitled “Fukuyama☆Fuyu no Daikanshasai,” this will be his 12th annual concert.  Fukuyama announced to the excitement of the 30,000 people at the stadium, “I will also perform for you this year!  Although there were 5 concerts last year, I will double the number of concerts this year.” He followed up with a shout stating, “Please come see me again at the end of the year!

The New Year’s Eve countdown is included in the 10 concert days and total number of the audience will reach 180,000.  Historically, this is the first time for a solo artist to hold 10 stages at one venue during a certain period of time, and the only group to do a similar 10 day concert run was The Rolling Stones in February 1990 at the Tokyo Dome.

This is the third time that an exclusive event for his fan club, the “BROS.,” has been held since the formation of the fan club in 1991.  The last exclusive event was 16 years ago in December 1996.  The event was "Thank You (39)" as the entrance fee for the event was ¥3939, and total 90,000 fans attended the event in 3 days.

Fukuyama performed his new song “Beautiful life,” which will go on sale October 10th, for the first time and sang a total of 20 songs.  As this was his first outdoor stadium live, he spoke about his thoughts on the change stating, “The sea breeze feels nice... I am only able to take on this new challenge because of everyone here.  I shall do it again!

Source and Image: Sanspo


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