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Kojima Fujiko attends talk and handshake event for her 'aBUTTON' concept photo book

September 10, 2012 @ 2:10 pm
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On September 9th, actress Kojima Fujiko attended the talk and handshake event to commemorate the Blu-ray release of her digital photo book 'aBUTTON Vol.7_Kotoba: Kojima Fujiko'.

Similar to the 'IQUEEN' series, 'aBUTTON' is a photo collection series by PLUP that is being released as normal photo books as well as in various digital formats in 4K resolution. The concept of 'aBUTTON' is to take young aspiring girls and cut off all their layers until they reach their emotional base frame. They want to picture what those girls are really made up of in the inside rather than the outside.

The popular photographer Yokonami Osamu was in charge of depicting Kojima's private life and her final days as a senior high school student. The photo book itself was already released in February this year, but the Blu-ray edition was just released at the end of August.

For Kojima, it was the first time attending a talk event that's all about her and her alone. She expressed, "My mind is all over the place right now. I'll try to have as much fun as possible so that all of you will have fun as well."

She continued, "I have no problems playing various different roles in dramas, but getting pictures taken of my genuine self made me feel a little awkward. It's a photo book about human emotions and a lot of expressions that I usually don't do were captured during the shooting."

The shooting for the photo book took place in Hachioji, Tokyo during the winter. She commented, "It was really snowing a lot during the two days we were taking the pictures. I thought that I would be fine, but it was so cold after all when I was wearing nothing, but my school uniform. Still, it was the first snow and a lot of fun."

She added bashfully, "There is one situation in the photo book where I'm crying after getting surprised with a confession from a boy that I like. However, I've never actually experienced such a situation in real life, so I had to completely leave it up to my imagination."

Kojima also revealed that the pictures where she's crying are her favorites. She said, "I'm always smiling. I usually don't cry at all, unless it's because I'm too happy about something. I didn't even cry during my graduation ceremony. During the shooting I looked up at the sky until it became painful, added some emotions to it and started to cry."

You can currently see Kojima in the late-night drama 'Sprout' (NTV).

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