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Kojima Yoshio stands-in for injured Sugi-chan at "Tokyo Runway 2012" and models in a speedo

September 17, 2012 @ 6:15 pm
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Comedian Kojima Yoshio was one of the guest celebrities appearing at the “Tokyo Runway 2012 A/W” event held at the Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium on September 17th. He was a substitute for comedian Sugi-chan who recently injured himself during a show recording.  Kojima walked the runway decked out in his trademark speedos and wore a denim jacket, a trademark of Sugi-chan’s, on his shoulders. He commented, “This is great! I really have to thank Sugi-chan for this!” Regarding his walk, Kojima remarked, “99 points. The final point is so that Sugi-chan can surpass me next year.

This is Kojima’s debut as a model at a fashion event and he gave himself absolute praise, saying “I asked for advice from the models before walking, so my model walk is just perfect.” Expressing his intentions at appearing with the denim jacket, he added, “I thought that I should walk with the spirit of Sugi-chan.” He continued, “I think Sugi-chan will be invited next year, so I’m setting the stage for that.

“Tokyo Runway” is a fashion event featuring real clothes and has the theme of “Clothes that You Want to Wear Tomorrow”. Borne from “Kobe Collection” in Kobe, the event started afresh in its 10th anniversary as a new Tokyo event in March this year. The show has an emphasis on a wide range of Japanese brands, and about 100 models and celebrities appeared onstage.

Besides Kojima, AKB48’s Kojima Haruna, Triendl Reina, Eibihara Yuri, Oshikiri Moe, Tominaga Ai, Yuki Maomi, Nanao and other popular models  appeared at the 2nd “Tokyo Runway 2012 A/W”,. The MC for the event was actor Tanihara Shosuke and model SHELLY.

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Source + Image:  Mantan Web


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