Takimoto Miori practices kiss scene with drama co-star

September 12, 2012 @ 8:12 pm
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At the end of August, TBS announced that actress Takimoto Miori would star as a private detective in their upcoming live-action drama adaptation of Miyabe Miyuki's novel 'Perfect Blue'.

The filming for the drama recently began and Takimoto was able to meet her co-star for the first time, who was quite eager to practice a kiss scene with her. Much to her fans' relief, Takimoto's co-star isn't an actor but instead a German shepherd. He's playing a former police dog named 'Masa' in the drama and already seems to be quite fond of his acting partner.

TBS uploaded a clip of their first meeting on Youtube. Takimoto seemed to be a bit nervous prior to the meeting, but the anxiety was gone as soon as she actually met him. She petted him fondly, when he suddenly gave her a wet kiss on the mouth and kept on licking her all over the face. Takimoto was surprised and glad that he likes her. She already successfully tried out some simple commands and seems to be very compatible with her co-star.

The drama also stars Zaizen Naomi and Terawaki Yasufumi, while Funakoshi Eiichiro lends his voice to 'Masa'.

TBS is going to air the first episode of 'Perfect Blue' on October 8th.

Check out the first meeting of Takimoto and 'Masa' below!

Source: Oricon


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