FRIDAY reports that Tamaki Hiroshi is in a romantic relationship with a non-celebrity woman

October 12, 2012 @ 3:36 pm
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On October 11th, it was revealed that actor Tamaki Hiroshi (32) currently has a new non-celebrity lover.  This was reported and photographs of the couple were revealed in the October 12th issue of the weekly tabloid magazine “FRIDAY.”

According to the magazine, the woman resembles actress Higa Manami (26) with her impressive beauty and large eyes.  Tamaki lives with his mother and younger sister in a luxurious house that has an estimated worth of ¥200,000,000 (USD $2,549,400) and he was seen returning home with the woman continuously for several days.

Tamaki’s agency did not deny their relationship by stating, “Because he is an adult over the age of 30, we do not interfere with his private life,” but clearly denied that they're living together by stating, “Because his family is also living in the house, this is not believable.”

Tamaki currently stars as “a man who leaves no time for marriage” in Fuji TV’s ongoing drama “Kekkon Shinai” (10 PM, Thursdays), but two years ago, in an interview with Sanspo, he stated, “I want to be married in my early thirties, and have children.”  Given the current situation, is it possible that he has already accomplished this in his private life?

Source & Image: Sanspo


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