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Mizuki Nana reveals details on upcoming album

October 23, 2012 @ 4:34 am
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Previously it was reported that Mizuki Nana will be releasing her 9th album on December 12th. Since then, the title and other details about the album have been revealed!

Mizuki's upcoming album will be titled "ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS". It will include her singles "BRIGHT STREAM" and "METRO BAROQUE", a different version of her 26th single "Synchrogazer", and "Lovely Fruit" which is the ending theme for anime 'Toriko'.

The album will be available for purchase in 3 different types: Limited Edition CD+Blu-ray, Limited Edition CD+DVD, and Regular Edition. Both limited editions will come with a special photo book. The Blu-ray and DVD will contain footage from her premium live, 'Heian Jingu Hounou Kouen'.

Additionally, Mizuki will hold her 3rd 'Mizuki Nana Ooi ni Utau' on March 3, 2013. The album will enclose a serial number which will allow fans to enter a lottery for premium tickets.

You can check out a portion of the track list for "ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS" below.



Naked Soldier
Crescent Child
Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form-
Lovely Fruit
Darling Plastic


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