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Details on WEAVER's album "Handmade" revealed

November 13, 2012 @ 11:30 am
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The details on WEAVER's upcoming album, "Handmade", has been revealed!

"Handmade" is scheduled to be released on January 16, and its track list consists of 11 songs including their digitally released track, "Gizensha no Koe". The limited edition DVD will contain live footage from 'MTV Unplugged', which was held back in July at Billboard Live TOKYO along with a 2012 documentary of the band.

Prior to the album's release, WEAVER's new DVD single, "REPLAY ~Medley of Handmade~", will drop on January 1. This single will be available for purchase only at Tower Records, TSUTAYA RECORDS, Yamano Gakki, and the venues for their live event, 'Ready Set Go!!'.

Check out the track list for "Handmade" below!



01. Performance
02. Shall we dance
03. Kaze no Fune ~Bug's ship~
04. Reach out
05. blue bird
06. Artist
07. Kimi ga Ita Natsu no Sora
08. Futari wa Yuki no You ni
09. Gizensha no Koe
10. Free will
11. The sun and clouds


Source & Image: natalie


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