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Kimura Kaela to release new album, "Sync"

November 5, 2012 @ 11:12 pm
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Kimura Kaela will be releasing a new album titled "Sync" on December 19th.

Kimura's 7th album will consist of 12 tracks including her singles "Mamireru" and "Sun shower" as well as "WONDER volt", which was inspired by the animated film, 'Frankenweenie'.

All songs from her previous album "8EIGHT8" was produced by Watanabe Shinobu (ASPARAGUS). Aside Watanabe, her new album will feature tracks produced by AxSxE (NATSUMEN), Mito (Clammbon), Tsutaya Koichi, Jhameel, Jim O'Rourke, Takamoto Kazuhide (COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS), Tobinai Masahiro, and Imatani Tadahiro (Hotel New Tokyo).

Additionally, it's been revealed that Kimura's upcoming hall tour will be called 'Kimura Kaela LIVE Synchronicity TOUR 2013'. For this tour, she will hold a total of 19 shows in 17 locations.

Take a look at the track list for "Sync" below the cut!



01. Mamireru (Produced by AxSxE [NATSUMEN])
02. HERO (Produced by Takamoto Kazuhide [COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS])
03. Sun shower (Produced by Mito [Clammbon])
04. coffee (Produced by Tobinai Masahiro)
05. Hello, Goodbye (Produced by Jim O'Rourke)
06. sorry (Produced by Jhameel)
07. MY WAY (Produced by Imatani Tadahiro [Hotel New Tokyo])
08. Synchronicity (Produced by AxSxE [NATSUMEN])
09. so i (Produced by Mito [Clammbon])
10. Merry Go Round (Produced by Tsutaya Koichi)
11. Cherry Blosson (Produced by AxSxE [NATSUMEN])
12. WONDER volt (Produced by Watanabe Shinobu [ASPARAGUS])

Source & Image: natalie


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