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Mano Erina to release her last Hello! Project single

November 5, 2012 @ 10:09 pm
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It's been revealed that Mano Erina's new single, "NEXT MY SELF", will be released on December 12th!

"NEXT MY SELF" will be Mano's last single in Hello! Project as she will be graduating on February 23rd. It will be released in 4 different versions: Limited Edition A (CD+DVD), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD), Limited Edition C (CD-Only), and Regular Edition (CD-Only).

In addition, the details on Mano's last live at Nakano Sun Plaza has been revealed. The concert will be called 'Mano Erina Memorial Concert 2013: OTOME LEGEND ~For the Best Friends', and there will be a day and night performance. Tickets will go on sale starting January 26th.

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