Mizukawa Asami to star in her first prime time drama 'Share House no Koibito'

November 20, 2012 @ 2:50 pm
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On November 20, it was announced that actress Mizukawa Asami is going to star in the upcoming NTV drama 'Share House no Koibito'.

'Share House no Koibito' tells the story of 'Shio' (Mizukawa), a single female office employee around the age of thirty who decides to move into a shared house in order to escape her loneliness. In the shared house, she lives together with two other men, and soon, their cohabitation develops into a full-fledged love triangle. NTV describes it as a human romantic comedy.

She commented, "I'm 29 years old myself and will be turning thirty next year. It feels like a real story about a woman of the same age. She isn't just a cute and lovely woman. It's not that she's a careless and untidy person, but her character is more realistic than fictional, which I hope I'll be able to express well with my performance."

"While approaching my thirties, it's inevitably for me as an actress and a woman to go through some changes." She mentioned that she would like to experience this personal growth together with the protagonist and expressed, "Maybe this drama is going to change me."

Mizukawa's last starring role in a TV drama was in 'Yume wo Kanaeru Zo' (NTV) more than four years ago. 'Share House no Koibito' is going to feature her in her first ever starring role in a prime time drama. She received a love call from the same producer who handled her movie debut in 1997 and has been watching over her ever since.

Different supporting and leading roles made her reflect on herself a couple of times. "I've come to realize that I might be lacking something. There have often been times when I thought to myself that I'm not cut out to play the protagonist, but since I didn't want other people to see me in such a state, I always decided to work even harder instead."

NTV is planning to air 'Share House no Koibito' every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. starting in January of 2013.

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Source: Sanspo (1,2), Mantan-Web


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