Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi and Sugi-chan appear at Yoshinoya event

November 28, 2012 @ 11:22 am
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On November 27th, Morning Musume’s 8th generation leader Michishige Sayumi and comedic talent Sugi-chan (39) appeared at the press conference for Yoshinoya’s new product, “Yakitori Tsukune Donburi.”

Both Michishige and Sugi-chan, who are said to be regular Yoshinoya customers, taste-tested the new product.  Michishige commented on Sugi-chan’s posture as he stood next to her and held the dish with, “I can feel his manliness and wildness.” After hearing that, it was suggested that they go on a Yoshinoya date to which she replied, “I think there is a person who already likes (Sugi-chan) and I am not that person.”  Sugi-chan acted tough with his answer of, “You are not my type!  This means that it is 'mutual love.'”

Source and Image: Sanspo


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