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MUSIC STATION reveals artist lineup for November 16th

November 9, 2012 @ 7:29 pm
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TV Asahi's popular music program, MUSIC STATION, has revealed the artist line up for their November 16th broadcast!

On the next episode, SID will take the stage with their upcoming single, "V.I.P", and Nakashima Mika will sing her new song, "Hatsukoi". It will also feature performances by Sonar Pocket, Chikyu Kyodai, KinKi Kids, and Nishino Kana.

Check out the full set list below!


"Anniversary" - KinKi Kids
"V.I.P" - SID
"Kimi Kinenbi ~Umerete Kite Kurete Arigatou.~" - Sonar Pocket
"Yobi ni Kita yo" - Chikyu Kyodai
"Hatsukoi" - Nakashima Mika
"Always" - Nishino Kana


Source: MUSIC STATION Official Website


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