Naoto Inti Raymi teams up with 'Kit Kat' to support students preparing for exams

November 14, 2012 @ 3:46 am
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Naoto Inti Raymi has teamed up with Nestle's 'Kit Kat' for a campaign to support students who are preparing for the 2013 entrance exams.

The campaign plans to host diverse activities for the upcoming exam season. For the first part, Naoto came up with a support song which will be played in schools starting December 3rd.

Naoto revealed, "I feel very happy that I have the opportunity to work together with 'Kit Kat' to support and encourage exam students. It may be hard now, but spring will come if you do your best. You will be able to freely draw on your canvas in your own special way. Hoping that exam students will see that day, I put those feelings into words and created the 'Kit Kat Exam Student Support Song'. I hope to deliver this song to many exam students."

He further stated, "No matter how cold the winter is, spring will always come. I think that sense of security has continued to support Japan. To exam students who are doing their best this winter, spring will definitely come so keep up the good work!"

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Source & Photos: News gate


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