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THE SECOND from EXILE performs at 'GirlsAward'

November 9, 2012 @ 9:06 pm
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On November 8th, EXILE's sub-unit THE SECOND from EXILE held a live performance at 'GirlsAward by 2012 AUTUMN / WINTER' at Yoyogi National Stadium.

THE SECOND from EXILE is a 5-member unit comprised of EXILE members KENCHI, KEIJI, TETSUYA, NESMITH, and SHOKICHI. They recently released their debut single, "THINK' BOUT IT!", on November 7th. As this day marked their debut performance, the members expressed, "We were really nervous."

At the event, THE SECOND from EXILE performed 3 songs, "THINK' BOUT IT!", "CLAP YOUR HANDS", and "FREAKOUT (remix)". The audience celebrated their debut performance with loud cheers.

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