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TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE promotes 'Pocky & Pretz Day'

November 3, 2012 @ 11:20 am
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Five-member idol unit TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE held an event to promote the "Pocky & Pretz Day" (November 11) in Tsutenkaku, Osaka.

The girls dedicated the Pocky snacks to the Biliken statue, which is being enshrined as a god of happiness in Tsutenkaku Tower, and showed their new dance using Pocky.

When asked their favorite ways to eat the snack, leader Yamabe Miyu answered, "I like to eat the chocolate part first, and then enjoy the rest as Pretz."

Nakae Yuri who is from Osaka, said, "I used to visit Tsutenkaku with my family when I was little. Since I touched the Biliken-san's foot, my dream to be an idol has come true.  I was happy to be able to hold an event at this famous place in Osaka. We will continue promoting Pocky."

They also held a live at the venue that night, which attracted 200 fans.

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Source & Image: Sanspo


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