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BOOM BOOM SATELLITES cancels upcoming concerts due to Kawashima Michiyuki's brain tumor treatment

December 30, 2012 @ 12:19 am
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On December 29th, it was reported that BOOM BOOM SATELLITES member Kawashima Michiyuki (Vo & G) was diagnosed with a brain tumor after receiving his periodic medical examination.

According to sources, the tumor is in its initial stage and will not hinder his day-to-day lifestyle or live activities at the moment. However, after consultation with the doctor, members, and staff, he will be receiving treatment as soon as possible for a swift recovery. As such, he will be halting his activities from January to March of next year.

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES will perform at Intex Osaka's 'RADIO CRAZY' on the 30th and Zepp DiverCity's countdown event, 'Livemasters Inc. 1st Anniversary COUNTDOWN: GT2013', on the 31st as scheduled. Then they will cancel all live performances from January to March. Their activities will resume entirely dependent on Kawashima Michiyuki's treatment.

We hope that everything goes well during the treatment and wish him all the best.

Source: Oricon


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