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FUNKY MONKEY BABYS to hold a 2-day live concert at Tokyo Dome!

December 20, 2012 @ 10:53 pm
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FUNKY MONKEY BABYS who recently announced their disbandment next spring, has revealed that they will be holding their first and last live concerts at the Tokyo Dome on June 1st and 2nd of 2013!

As the result of repeated discussions after receiving numerous requests from their fans, they have decided to make the live concerts at the Tokyo Dome as their last stage. Thus, the group's last activity will be on June 2nd.


On the 29th of last month, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS announced that they would disband on March 31st, the final day of their nation-wide arena tour at the Saitama Super Arena, because DJ Chemical would begin preparing to be the chief priest of his parents' temple. Though their fans are supporting the decision, there were still many voices that they wanted to see FUNKY MONKEY BABYS' live concert at the Tokyo Dome.

Originally, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS planned to hold a live concert at the Tokyo Dome back in July of 2011, however, they cancelled it due to the effect of the Tohoku earthquake. At that time, they stated, "We will make the dream of holding a concert at Tokyo Dome come true for sure, but until then, please give us little more time.” Now with the supports by their fans, they will finally make the dream come true.

The leader, FUNKY Kato happily commented, "Tokyo Dome was the place we and BABYS (=their fans) promised. Originally, it was supposed to happen in July of 2011, but unfortunately, it was canceled. That's why I am very happy to be able to make the dream come true with you guys, at the last moment." Monkichi also left a comment with, "We will put all our best!", and of course DJ Chemical too. "Since we are the group that has been supported by many people, I would like to repay an obligation as much as possible, making this as 'appreciative live'."

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS will be releasing their last original album "FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 5" on the 26th.

Source & Image: Oricon


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