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Kimaguren to provide the theme song for "Shimajiro" movie

December 19, 2012 @ 1:33 am
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Kimaguren's new song "Ayumi" has been chosen as the theme song for Kodomo Charenji's popular character "Shimajiro"'s movie, "Shimajiro to Fufu no Daibouken ~Sukue! Nanairo no Hana~".

Although there has been "Shimajiro" TV anime series, this will be its first movie adaptation. The movie will depict Shimajiro and his fellows' adventure to save the flowers on Charenji island that have suddenly started being blasted at.

The theme song "Ayumi" was written by Kimaguren exclusively for the movie. It contains a message toward children's future in a heart-warming melody and lyrics. ISEKI says, "Now that I have become an adult, I finally noticed how my parents were always watching over me when I was little, and I am sure they still are even now. 'I will keep trying my best, so please watch over me.' I added that feeling in the song."

On the other hand, its ending theme song will be PUFFY's "Tomodachi no Wao!". "Tomodachi no Wao!" was written by PUFFY, composed by Ishino Takkyu, just for kids' program "Shimajiro no Wao!" as its ending theme song.

This movie will be released under the 'The first movie you watch at a movie theater・fast cinema' concept. It will be consisted of an animation part and live-action part. The live-action part will be a musical style, and they included a "call & response" segment, in which the characters speak to the audience in order to attract the children.

"Shimajiro to Fufu no Daibouken ~Sukue! Nanairo no Hana~" will open in theaters on March 15th, 2013.

Source & Image: Cinematoday


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