Kurotani Tomoka to be the 5th 'Gokutsuma'

December 20, 2012 @ 5:17 am
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It was announced that actress Kurotani Tomoka will be starring in upcoming movie "Gokudo no Tsuma-tachi NEO" which will be directed by Katsuki Hideyuki.

"Gokudo no Onna-tachi" (known as "Gokutsuma" for short) is a popular movie series based on Ieda Shoko's reportage which features the wives of Yakuza bosses. It was first released back in 1986, and four veteran actresses have played the lead role in the series (1st: Iwashita Shima, 2nd: Toake Yukiyo, 3rd: Mita Yoshiko, and 4th: Takashima Reiko), and now Kurokawa is succeeding the famous series as the 5th "Gokutsuma".

"Gokudou no Tsuma-tachi NEO" will be the first movie of the series in 8 years since the last movie from the series "Gokudou no Onna-tachi Jouen" (starring Takashima) was released back in 2005.

Reportedly, the production side was looking for an actress who has "fascinating sex appeal", and is "athletic enough to do action scenes", and they appointed Kurotani, since she has "fascinating sex appeal in Kimonos, and is athletic as she is known for her great skill of horse riding. Moreover, she has no problem speaking Kansai dialect since she is from Osaka." They said, "She is as great as the past 'Gokutsuma' stars."

One thing different from the previous series would be the way of reading its title (though it will be written in same Kanji). The previous titles for the series were read as "Gokudo no Onna-tachi", however, it will be changed to "Gokudono Tsuma-tachi" for the new movie.

"Gokudo no Tsuma-tachi NEO" will be set in Kyoto, and depict the real fight between the wife of Yakuza boss (Kurotani) who carries a fate that she can never forget, and a wife of another Yakuza clan's boss. Kurotani will challenge a sword battle, and show the "war between women" who live for their loved men.

Kurotani commented, "I feel happiness of being able to play in 'Gokudo no Tsuma-tachi' that has a history. I also felt tense and excited that even some outfits were passed down as I wore mourning clothes which Iwashita-san wore in the previous movie."

"Gokudo no Tsuma-tachi NEO" is set for release next summer.

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