Matsuyama Mary to star in first TV drama

December 27, 2012 @ 10:14 pm
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On December 26, it was revealed that actress Matsuyama Mary (21) will star in the Kansai TV drama “Yome Daikou Hajimemashita.” (Thursdays, 1 AM); the drama will begin airing on January 10.

5-member idol group bump.y’s new song “COSMO no Hitomi” (to be released on January 16) will be used as the theme song of the drama; Matsuyama and Sakuraba Nanami (20) are members of the group.  Matsuyama was elated as she commented, “It was my dream to have one of bump.y’s songs used as the theme song to a drama in which one of our group’s members stars in.  I am truly happy that my group’s song will be used as the theme song of my first starring drama.”

The drama focuses on a girls bar in Osaka that starts doing business where the girls act as bridal agents to clients because it is at risk of closing.  Matsuyama and co-star Marutaka Manami (22) are bar workers that are sent out to role-play as ideal brides.  Hyogo-born Matsuyama stated, “Since we were filming in Osaka, there was a constant flow of Kansai-dialect around me, which made filming quite fun to film.”

Source & Image: Sanspo


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