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MAY'S to simultaneously release first best-of album and live DVD

December 25, 2012 @ 5:36 pm
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MAY'S has announced that they will simultaneously release their first best-of album, "BEST 2005-2013", and a live DVD, 'MAY'S Live Tour 2012: Smiling', on February 13th.

Their first best-of album will contain a total of 17 tracks including their popular song, "I WISH", as well as "Kimi ni Todoke...", which served as the theme song for the tv anime series, 'Kimi ni Todoke 2ND SEASON' and "Diamond", which is currently being used in the movie, 'Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu'.

The limited edition will be a 3-disc set with an extra CD and DVD. Disc 2 will include 17 songs such as popular numbers from their indies era and the DVD will contain 18 music videos.

Meanwhile, MAY'S new live DVD will feature the Zepp DiverCity TOKYO performance of their live tour, 'Live Tour 2012: Smiling', which was held in September and October of this year.

Furthermore, MAY'S will be holding a live tour in May of next year. Tickets will go on sale starting March 30th.

Check out the track list and tour dates below!


<BEST 2005-2013>

01. My Everything
02. Daydream
03. KISS ~Koi ni Ochite... Fuyu~
04. I WISH
05. I LOVE YOU ga Ienakute
06. ONE LOVE ~100 Mankai no KISS de Aishiteru~
07. Eien
08. Hoshi no Kazu Dake Dakishimete
09. Tooku e ~Spread Your Wings~
11. Kimi ni Todoke...
14. Koyoi, Tsuki no Shita de feat. Agatsuma Hiromitsu
15. SKY
16. Smiling
17. Diamond

DISC 2 (Limited Edition Only):
01. Sha la la...
02. REAL
03. Roots Of Mine
04. Appreclation
05. Teddy's Story
06. LOVE SONG ~Ima Nara Ieru yo~
07. Kozue
08. Sayonara, Arigatou.
09. MaMa (2009)
10. Senkou Hanabi
11. Anata ga Suki desu.
12. JULY (Album version)
13. LOVE (New version)
14. Setsunasa wo Tomete
15. True Love Story
16. I Remember You
17. Nichiyoubi no Uta

DVD (Limited Edition Only):
01. REAL
02. My Everything
03. Daydream
04. KISS ~Koi ni Ochite... Fuyu~
05. I WISH
06. I LOVE YOU ga Ienakute
07. ONE LOVE ~100 Mankai no KISS de Aishiteru~
08. Koi wo Shiteta ~Say Goodbye~ with May J.
09. Hoshi no Kazu Dake Dakishimete
10. Tooku e ~Spread your Wings~
11. Kimi no Todoke...
14. SKY
15. Smiling
16. Diamond
17. True Love Story
18. Setsunasa wo Tomete


<MAY'S Live Tour 2013>

Sunday, May 5th - Eterna Takasaki (Gunma)
Saturday, May 11th - Sendai darwin (Miyagi)
Sunday, May 12th - Aomori Quarter (Aomori)
Friday, May 17th - umeda AKASO (Osaka)
Saturday, May 18th - Fukuoka Ims Hall (Fukuoka)
Saturday, May 25th - Nagoya BOTTOM LINE (Aichi)
Sunday, May 26th - Kanazawa EIGHT HALL (Ishikawa)
Friday, May 31st - Akasaka BLITZ (Tokyo)


Source & Image: natalie


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