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Nakashima Mika to hold listening parties for her new album ''REAL"

December 26, 2012 @ 3:29 pm
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It's been revealed that Nakashima Mika will be holding listening parties for her new album "REAL" (January 30th release) in 5 locations nationwide.

This event will be held in Aichi, Osaka, Fukuoka, Miyagi, and Tokyo, and Nakashima will be present at all locations. It will feature a listening of the full album, an interview, a Q&A corner, and a recreation corner.

Participants will be chosen by lottery through FM Aichi, FM802's 'ROCK KIDS 802', KBC's 'V-3', Sendai Housou's 'Ara Ara Kashiko', and TOKYO FM's 'Synapse' as well as Nakashima's official fan club 'Lotus' and her official mobile website.

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