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Sakanaction reveals jacket cover for upcoming single "Music"

December 19, 2012 @ 8:24 pm
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Sakanaction has revealed the jacket cover for their upcoming single, "Music"!

The jacket cover was designed by kamikene (Hatos), who was also in charge of the cover for their previous single, "Yoru no Odoriko". He worked on the design after being inspired by the sounds of "Music". "By simply getting into the song's rhythm and groove and letting my pen flow, the tremor I received from the song unconsciously became a series of lines," he commented. "I can't explain what this image was based on."

The actual artwork is 94.5 cm long and 67.5 cm wide. As such, the cover will be just one portion of the artwork folded 10 times. The limited edition will come with a poster of the entire image.

Sakanaction will release "Music" on January 23rd. Take a look at the jacket cover below!



Source & Image: natalie


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