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SKE48's Takayanagi Akane appears at a bird flying show

December 19, 2012 @ 12:38 am
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On December 18th, SKE48 member Takayanagi Akane appeared at Sunshine Aquarium's event, 'Bird Flying Show', in Ikebukuro.

The crowd congratulated Takayanagi on SKE48's first independent appearance on the upcoming 'Kohaku Uta Gassen'. She shared that she had no idea until the day of the announcement, "I went to the dressing room thinking it was for some other shoot." She reflected, "Akimoto-sensei was there and told us, 'Congratulations on your independent appearance on Kohaku!'"

During the event, Takayanagi gave a performance with various birds including owls and parrots. She also invited fans on stage and challenged them to a bird catch.

When Takayanagi asked, "Who's going to watch 'Kohaku' on New Year's Eve?", the crowd gave a big shout. "I want to turn my neck like an owl and thank everyone. Through our stage, I hope to spend a wonderful moment right before the New Year together with our fans," she added.

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Source & Photos: Oricon


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