Swimmer Kitajima Kosuke and girl next door's Chisa are engaged

December 31, 2012 @ 11:33 pm
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On December 31st it was reported that Olympic gold medalist swimmer Kitajima Kosuke (30) and girl next door vocalist Chisa (27) are engaged. The two are planning on registering their marriage within the year (2013), but plans for a ceremony are still undecided. Chisa is not pregnant at this time and will continue her activities as a member of girl next door.

According to sources, Kitajima and Chisa met through a mutual acquaintance about 2 years ago. Kitajima revealed, "We have been dating since 2 years ago, and its also through her support that I was able to apply myself to competition." He sent Chisa an engagement ring in the summer of 2012, "Right now, we are thinking about things together including our future."

Chisa also stated, "Although it was a short period, while spending each day together, we both began to think about the same future." She continued, "We are still inexperienced, but we would like to walk together while thinking about our future. I ask that you would please warmly watch over us."


Source & Image: Oricon


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