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V6 to release a new album "Oh! My! Goodness!" in February

December 28, 2012 @ 4:55 am
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On December 27th, V6 held a release event for their new single "ROCK YOUR SOUL" at Roppongi Hills Arena, and announced that they would be releasing a new album titled "Oh! My! Goodness!" on February 20th.

When Inohara Yoshihiko said, "We made this album imagining everybody's happy faces!", great shouts of joy arose from the audience of 3,000.

This will be their 12th overall album and the first album release in 3 years.  It will consist a total of 13 tracks including their 37th single "only dreaming/Catch" to the latest single "ROCK YOUR SOUL." It will also include "Supernova" which was only performed during their 2011 live tour.

There will be three editions, limited editions A & B that will come with a DVD, and a regular edition. The DVD for the limited edition A will contain the music videos for "Supernova" and one of the tracks "Otona Guyz", as well as the footage from "ROCK YOUR SOUL" release event, while limited edition B's DVD will contain the prologue video for their upcoming concert tour, the interview, and also the footage of the members' party for the album's completion.

Stay tuned for more details on V6's new album.

Source: Sanspo + Tower Records Online


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