Yonekura Ryoko's drama achieves the highest audience rating among commercial broadcasting dramas in this year

December 16, 2012 @ 8:19 pm
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On December 14, it was revealed that TV Asahi’s final episode serial drama “Doctor X ~Gekai Daimon Michiko~(aired December 13, 9PM), which stars actress Yonekura Ryoko (37), garnered this year’s highest audience rating at an average of 24.4%.

The drama, which stars Yonekura in the role of a freelance female surgeon, has averaged 19.1% audience rating across all 8 episodes, which makes it the top prime time drama of the year.  The final episode of the drama momentarily peaked at 29.9% at 10:01 PM.

Yonekura was grateful as she stated, “I am truly happy that many people – more than I could have ever imagined – tuned in to the drama,” and also commented that, “I hope that the viewers and Daimon Michiko will be able to meet again.”  (Ratings are based off Video Research’s data for the Kanto region.)

The script for the drama was written by Nakazono Miho (53), who also wrote TV Asahi drama “Nasake no Onna ~Kokuzeikyoku Sasatsukan~” (2010) that also starred Yonekura.

At a pre-broadcast press conference, Yonekura spoke about the difficulties in using medical jargon with, “Until now, I have been using my physical body, but this time, I had to use my brain.  I could not stop the slight yawn", however, when it seems like the high ratings made her in high spirits due to the high ratings.  She appeared fulfilled as she talked about wrapping up filming with, “It was too short, and flew so fast.  Everyday, I was able to learn something.”

Then there is the matter of the exciting catchphrase.  Just as Matsushima Nanako had popularized the phrase “Shochi shimashita” (“I admit it.”) in “Kaseifu no Mita,” Yonekura has popularized the catchprase “Watshi, shippai shinai no de” (“Because I do not fail.”)

Like her character’s catchphrase, Yonekura has not failed in TV Asahi’s dramas in which she starred – “Kurokawa no Techo” (2004) garnered 17.6% in ratings, “Kemonomichi” (2006) garnered 16.4% in ratings, "Koshonin" (2008) garnered 16.7% in views, and “Nasake no Onna” garnered 17.6% in ratings.

It seems that Yonekura’s appearance in the confirmed sequel will also “not fail” audiences.

Source and Image: Sanspo


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