Henmi Emiri announces her pregnancy with 1st child

January 8, 2013 @ 2:39 am
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On January 7th, talento Henmi Emiri (36) announced through her official blog that she is pregnant with her first child. She reported, "It's a private matter, but I've been blessed with a baby! I am very happy to be able to make this report."

Henmi, who is currently in her 4th month of pregnancy, stated, "I'm far from being able to relax... but I would like to spend my time watching both my and the baby's physical condition." As she's not yet in her stable period, she also wrote, "The doctor told me to have absolute rest, so in uneasiness, I am taking a break from work."

She continued to express, "I'm sure there will be more exciting and uneasy things in the future... but in order to become a mom, I would like to spend everyday strongly and firmly. Everyone, please help me with various things!"

Henmi married talento Kimura Yuichi back in 2006, but the two later divorced in April of 2008. She then married actor Matsuda Kenji in March last year.


Source & Image: Oricon


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