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Himuro Kyosuke to sing the theme song for upcoming movie 'Wara no Tate'

January 29, 2013 @ 11:45 am
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It's been revealed that Himuro Kyosuke will be providing the theme song, "NORTH OF EDEN", for Osawa Takao's upcoming movie, 'Wara no Tate'.

Himuro released his single, "IF YOU WANT", last year, which included special footage from director Miike. The director then wrote a letter to Himuro requesting that he provide the theme song for his upcoming film. "With respect to the director and cast, I decided to do the best I could within my allowance," he commented.

Himuro worked on the lyrics with Miike's letter and the film's script in mind. The song is produced by Warner Bros. Records chairman Rob Cavallo, who is known for producing Green Day and My Chemical Romance. This is his first time producing a song for an artist in Japan.

Upon meeting with director Miike for the first time, Himuro said, "He is just as how I had imagined him to be. I'm a fan of director Miike, so I'm very happy that I've been given a chance like this. I'm thankful."

'Wara no Tate', based on Kiuchi Kazuhiro's novel, is an action suspense film that portrays the great efforts and hardships of SPs who escort murderers across a total of 1,200 km (~746 miles). Osawa Takao will play one of the SPs named 'Mekari Kazuki', and Matsushima Nanako and Fujiwara Tatsuya are also starring in the film.

The movie is scheduled to open in theaters on April 26th. Himuro's 'NORTH OF EDEN' will be released sometime in April.

Source & Image: Mantan Web


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