Josei Seven reports on Mukai Osamu & Kuninaka Ryoko's relationship again

January 24, 2013 @ 4:48 am
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On the January 24th issue of weekly tabloid, 'Josei Seven', it was reported that actress Kuninaka Ryoko (33) spent the night at actor Mukai Osamu's (30) home. Kuninaka reportedly used a spare key to enter Mukai's home, where he returned about 3 hours later.

Mukai's agency explained, "It is true that Kuninaka-san spent the night at Mukai's home, but they spent the night with several men and women." Regarding the rumored relationship, they stated, "Since he is 30-years-old, we leave it up to him. We are not going to confirm it with him." Meanwhile, Kuninaka's agency commented, "We don't have to respond to it."

Mukai and Kuninaka co-starred in Fuji TV's drama series, 'Hungry!', last year. In October, the two were spotted dining at a restaurant in Shonan and shopping at furniture shop 'IKEA' in Yokohama. During a press conference in December, Mukai denied the relationship rumor saying, "It's not true, there were other staff members with us at the restaurant."

Source: Nikkan Sports


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