RIP SLYME's PES marries a non-celebrity woman

January 7, 2013 @ 8:21 pm
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On January 6th, RIP SLYME's PES announced through his official website that he has registered his marriage with a non-celebrity woman.

PES reported, "At this time, I have registered my marriage with my partner that I have been living together with for some time. This is our small happiness that we have arrived at because of everyone's warm support." He didn't reveal when they registered their marriage or how long they have been together.

Besides being the MC for RIP SLYME, PES made his solo debut last May with the single, "Megami no KISS", which was used as the theme song for the drama 'Legal High'. He also released his first album, "Suteki na Koto", and held a tour in Tokyo and Nagoya.

In RIP SLYME, RYO-Z and DJ FUMIYA are also married to non-celebrity women, ILMARI to model Ebihara Yuri, and SU to singer Otsuka Ai. With PES' marriage, all members of the group are now married men. This year, they are planning to release a new album as well as hold a nationwide tour.


Source & Image: natalie


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