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babyraids to release new single "JUMP" in March + first one-man live

February 9, 2013 @ 3:12 am
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Idol group babyraids has announced that they will be releasing a new single titled "JUMP" on March 27th.

babyraids 3rd single will be composed and arranged by Dragon Ash guitarist hiroki's Cell no.9. Regarding the song, hiroki commented, "I seriously made something that would not be strange if they entered the field of rock. It's a rather hard song, but I feel that the way its bursting really matches babyraids."

Additionally, babyraids will be holding their very first one-man live, 'babyraids Densetsu no 3-kai Mawashi', on March 9th at Shinjuku LOFT. More details can be seen below.


<babyraids Densetsu no 3-kai Mawashi>

Saturday, March 9th - Shinjuku LOFT
OPEN 12:30 / START 13:00

Saturday, March 9th - Shinjuku LOFT
OPEN 15:00 / START 15:30

Saturday, March 9th - Shinjuku LOFT
OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00


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