Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi holds a release event for her latest photo book

February 11, 2013 @ 3:19 am
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On February 10th, Morning Musume's leader Michishige Sayumi held a release event for her latest photo book "Mille feuille" in Tokyo. At the event, Michishige talked about her fellow member Tanaka Reina who recently announced that she has been diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer on her blog.

According to Michishige, she received an email from Tanaka, "It was to inform me about the name of her disease, and she also wrote 'I'm sorry for the trouble.' I replied to her 'Please get well soon.', since I shouldn't joke around in this kind of situation." She also said, "It feels like we are rehearsing the Morning Musume after Reina graduates."

"Mille feuille" is Michishige's first photo book since she became the leader of Morning Musume, with particular attention to her beauty. Mille feuille is a French term meaning thousand sheets, it is also the name of a 3-layered pastry.

The title represents a pile of beauties just like the pastry. It shows a different side of Michishige that the fans can't see in her group activities. The book uses various situations, face expressions, and costumes to represent Michishige's alternate sides .

Michishige explained, "I'm acting young in Morning Musume to not lose to the young members, but I want to show my mature side in a solo photo book." She confidently endorsed the photo book with, "The photo with my profile reflected in a mirror, which I bared my back, is very beautiful. It's almost like a superhuman feat."

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Source & Image: MANTAN WEB


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