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Japan Box Office Report – June 22nd/23rd

June 25, 2013 @ 4:44 pm
by HPriest
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Take a look at the Japanese box office chart for the most recent weekend.

This time there are two new films that opened in the top 2 spots. First place went to 'After Earth' starring Will Smith and his son Jaden. People in Japan love Will Smith and therefore it received a lot of exposure. It weren't so much the urban areas that boosted the weekend results, but the more local areas. In fact, 72% of the film's moviegoers were recorded outside of all the major urban areas.

In 2nd place opened '100 Kai Naku Koto' ('To Cry a 100 Times') starring Kanjani8's Okura Tadayoshi and actress Kiritani Mirei. This one recorded an extremely efficient first weekend considering its relatively low exposure rate of only 223 screens. One billion Yen should be a realistic goal. 'Kuroyuri Danchi' was given an even lower exposure and yet it's about to crack this milestone very soon.

An even more efficient opened weekend was pulled off by the anime reboot/prequel 'Ghost in the Shell: Arise' and its first OVA. The anime only opened on 20(!) screens and still managed to enter the top 10 thanks to its results.

Don't forget to check out the trailers of all the new Japanese films below the box office chart!

Japan Box Office Chart – June 22/23
01 (00) After Earth (Weeks: 01)
02 (00) 100 Kai Naku Koto (Weeks: 01)
03 (01) The Great Gatsby (Weeks: 02)
04 (03) Kiseki no Ringo (Weeks: 03)
05 (02) G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Weeks: 03)
06 (04) Oblivion (Weeks: 04)
07 (05) Ore wa Mada Honki Dashite nai Dake (Weeks: 02)
08 (00) Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Border 1 ~ Ghost Pain (Weeks: 01)
09 (06) Kuroyuri Danchi (Weeks: 06)
10 (07) Olympus Has Fallen (Weeks: 03)
(Note: The ranking is not based on the revenue, but the number of sold tickets!)

Short Facts:
#Opening Results (Saturday & Sunday only)
- 'After Earth' - viewers: 158,406 (571 screens) & revenue: 200,537,700 Yen (2,051,500 USD)
- '100 Kai Naku Koto' - viewers: 119,092 (223 screens) & revenue: 154,617,700 Yen (1,581,739 USD)
- '100 Kai Naku Koto' was seen by 20% men and 80% women
- '100 Kai Naku Koto' was primarily seen by high school students and women in their early twenties
- 'Ghost in the Shell' - viewers: 30,055 (20 screens) & revenue: 36,076,200 Yen (369,059 USD)
- 'Ghost in the Shell' was sold out in 7 of the 20 cinemas
- 'Ghost in the Shell' was seen by 70% men and 30% women

#Cumulative Results
- 'After Earth' (3 days) - viewers: 204,109 & revenue: 254,731,400 Yen (2,605,902 USD)
- 'Kiseki no Ringo' - viewers: 552,899 & revenue: 623,260,300 Yen (6,375,952 USD)
- 'Ore wa Mada' - viewers: 136,433 & revenue: 175,909,300 Yen (1,799,552 USD)

Trailers of all Japanese films that opened this weekend:

100 Kai Naku Koto
100回泣くこと - To Cry a 100 Times
Genre: Romance
Cast: Okura Tadayoshi, Kiritani Mirei, Tomosaka Rie, Oshinari Shugo, Haru, Murakami Jun, and more...


Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Border 1 ~ Ghost Pain
攻殻機動隊ARISE border:1 Ghost Pain
Genre: Anime, Sci-Fi, Action
Cast: Sakamoto Maaya, Juku Ikkyuu, Matsuda Kenichirou, Nakai Kazuya, Mamiya Yasuhiro, Dan Tomoyuki, and more...


Sayonara Keikoku
さよなら渓谷 - The Ravine of Goodbye
Genre: Human Drama
Cast: Maki Yoko, Onishi Shima, Suzuki Anne, Omori Nao, Iura Arata, Arai Hirofumi, and more...


風切羽 - Flight Feathers
Genre: Human Drama
Cast: Akizuki Mika, Tozuka Junki, Kawakami Maiko, Shigematsu Osamu, Terada Yuki, Sato Futoshi, and more...


Kashikoi Inu wa, Haezu ni Warau
かしこい狗は、吠えずに笑う - SHADY
Genre: Youth Drama
Cast: mimpi*β, Okamura Izumi, Moriko, Seko Ayumi, Horikawa Hiroki, and more...


Glass no Kamen Desu ga the Movie:
Onna Spy no Koi! Murasaki no Bara wa Kiken na Kaori!?

ガラスの仮面ですが THE MOVIE 女スパイの恋! 紫のバラは危険な香り!?
Genre: Anime, Comedy
Cast: Nakane Kumiko, Shiraishi Haruka, Takahashi Shinya, Goto Hiroki, Hayama Ikumi, FROGMAN, and more...


Starting Over
Genre: Romance
Cast: Katayama Ryo, Narisawa Yuko, Hidaka Maria, Ikushima Yuki, Haratake Akihiko, and more...


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