'Genome Hazard' releases exciting car chase scene featuring Nishijima Hidetoshi

January 19, 2014 @ 1:36 am
by HPriest
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A new teaser from the upcoming movie 'Genome Hazard: Aru Tensai Kagakusha no 5-ka Kan' shows starring actor Nishijima Hidetoshi in a car chase scene that was filmed with almost no stunt double.

'Genome Hazard' is about a scientist (Nishijima) who finds his wife dead when he gets home and gets a mysterious phone call. He soon realizes that his own memories are somehow mixed with those of someone else and that he has to find out the truth behind those memories. However, things become more difficult when strange men who claim to be from the police start to pursue him.

The car scene was filmed with five cameras both in and outside of the car, putting the viewers right into the action. Two minutes of said scene have been revealed to the public to catch a glimpse at Nishijima's enthusiastic performance.

The actor himself commented that he has always wanted to do more action scenes, but he rarely gets the chance in Japan. He hopes that Japanese movies are going to have more of them from now on.

'Genome Hazard' is scheduled to open in cinemas on January 24th. Check out the chase scene and the trailer of the movie above.

Source: Cinema Today


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