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Suda Masaki to make CD debut in June

March 22, 2017 @ 9:55 am
by ustar
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Actor Suda Masaki will make his CD debut with "Mita Koto mo nai Keshiki" on June 7.

This announcement was made on March 21 at 7:00 pm via five vision screens overlooking Shibuya scramble crossing. The video included a comment by Suda as well as a PV preview for "Mita Koto mo nai Keshiki". 

This song is currently being used in the CM for au's Santaro series. In the PV, Suda represents a "man that continues singing" and a "man that continues running" through a bold performance with a back band. 

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On the start of his music career, Suda commented, "Honestly, it hasn't hit me yet." He continued, "I think it's because I haven't performed 'live' in front of an audience on stage yet. Somewhere in my mind, I think about whether I should do music among many artists and musicians who have skills and passion and whether I could do it." Further, he stated, "However, I believe that there is something that only I can do right now. I feel excitement that I have never felt before. I want to enjoy my music activities and believe in myself that I can make good music.

Source & Image(s): natalie


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