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AAA to hold their 1st 4-major dome tour

April 18, 2017 @ 7:26 am
by Shiso
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AAA which has become a 6-member group as Ito Chiaki graduated in the end of March, announced that they would be holding their first 4-major dome tour titled "AAA DOME TOUR 2017 -WAY OF GLORY-" starting in September.

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With their latest original album "WAY OF GLORY" released in February, they will first hold an arena tour in June, then go on the dome tour. The group is holding 7 shows in total.

September 2 (Sat) : Aichi, Nagoya Dome
September 3 (Sun) : Aichi, Nagoya Dome
September 8 (Fri) : Osaka, Kyocera Dome Osaka
September 9 (Sat) : Osaka, Kyocera Dome Osaka
September 13 (Wed) : Tokyo, Tokyo Dome
September 14 (Thu) : Tokyo, Tokyo Dome
October 1 (Sun) : Fukuoka, Yafuoku! Dome

Source & Image: Oricon


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