Nagase Tomoya holds press conference for his new drama

June 30, 2010 @ 6:40 am
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TOKIO member, Nagase Tomoya and Kudo Kankuro(playwright) made many great dramas in the past, such as Ikebukuro West Gate Park, and Tiger & Dragon. Now, they have teamed up again for upcoming drama "Unubore Deka"(Conceited Detective) which will air on July 9th.

On the 29th, the cast of "Unubore Deka"(Conceited Detective) held a press conference to promote the drama. At the conference, it was announced that TOKIO's new single "NaNaNa (Taiyo nante iranee)", will be the theme song for this drama. "NaNaNa (Taiyo nante iranee)" is written by Tamaki Koji, and arranged by Anzenchitai.

Ikuta Toma, Kaname Jun, Nakashima Mika, and Nishida Toshiyuki will be co-stars in this drama.

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