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A Tribute to Jasmine You

July 13, 2010 @ 8:20 pm
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A free tribute concert to the late Jasmine You has been finalized. The concert titled Dearest You ~Gathering of Intimate Friends~ will be held on the 1-year anniversary of Jasmine Yous death. The event is a free event with 14 bands performing, all whom were very close with the bassist.

For those who dont remember, Jasmine You was the bassist of VK band Versailles and passed away on August 9, 2009. The cause of death has remained unknown as his family did not release that information. About 10 days after his death, Yous family wrote on his blog and told the fans that some of his last requests were he wanted to see the night sky of Yokohama. To which they brought him but was unable to get out of the car. They also said he listed to HIZAKI grace project on repeat, and since all his costumes and photos were in Tokyo, You was cremated in his HIZAKI grace project costume.

Yous last blog entry was on July 19, 2009, wishing KAMIJO (vocal of Versailles) and his mother a Happy Birthday.

Live info:

Mahiro Ohishi PRESENTS
Dearest You ~Gathering of Intimate Friends~
2010/08/09 Nagoya Bottom Line
OPEN: 13:00 / START: 13:30
ADV: 0yen / DAY: 0yen / DRINK: 500yen
??(Jyakura) / Vogus Image / ?(Lin) / Seikas New Band / -S- / Dolly / Freeze(Moran) / ??(Satsuki) / cocklobin / Sho-ka / LADY / Schwein / ??(muraimachi) / ?????(Jihad)

tip: Jayson A.

source: you's blog, cocklobin staff blog


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