Kitagawa Keiko & Lin Chi-ling are good friends

July 11, 2010 @ 3:54 pm
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Kitagawa Keiko made a new blog entry on July 11th. Keiko visited Taiwan, because her new movie "Matataki" was showing at the "Taipei Film festival."

She wrote that she met Lin Chi-ling who Keiko co-stared with in drama "Moon lovers". Keiko said on her blog entry, "Chi-ling visited my hotel today, even though she must be very busy. She gave me flowers, introduced me to a good Taiwanese massage place. In return for Chi-ling's kindness, I promised her that I will guide her when she comes to Japan next time. We also exchanged letters. It's very unmodern to exchange letters, not using emails, but I was happy and moved by her thoughtfulness. I am happy to be friends with her!"

Although the Taiwanese media reported that Keiko and Lin were on bad terms, it seems like they are good friends!

Source: J-CAST + Searchina + Kitagawa Keiko official blog


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