Kondo Masahiko cheers for Akanishi Jin

July 20, 2010 @ 10:15 pm
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Kondo Masahiko is currently on his national tour for his 30th year anniversary and he gave a comment about Akanichi Jin as a senior of Johnny's Entertainment.

Masahiko said, "I'm sure Jin knows that it's not easy to be successful in the U.S. Many singers have challenged the U.S, and got beaten up, but I still support his courage. If he really wants to do it, I hope he does not give up."

He also cheered for other KAT-TUN members saying "I hope the 5 members put each of their powers to one and become even more successful."

By the way, some of you asked if KAT-TUN will be changed to KT-TUN. According to Johnny Kitagawa, KAT-TUN's "KA" part is Kamenashi's "KA" from now on.



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