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HALCALI control stage at ROCK IN JAPAN FES


The ROCK IN JAPAN music festival has just finished, and the excitement still lingers, especially for those who attended the SOUND OF FOREST performance by HALCALI. The 2 MC girl unit took control of the stage with their appearance.

HALCALI started off their set with the coupling track from their "Re: Yasashii Kimochi" single, "Orange Sunset." The duo enthusiastically interacted with the audience as they moved freely over the stage, getting everyone into the groove. The audience soon started clapping their hands to the beat, and the whole atmosphere of the SOUND OF FOREST live was happy and energetic.

The witty banter from the girls even got the audience to laugh. During one MC segment YUCALI faced the crowd and announced, "Right now this is the best feeling!" HALCA turned to her partner and retorted, "Really? It's not too hot?" YUCALI continued with, "isn't it a pleasant heat though?" After the cute MC segment, the girls continued on with a live performance of their new track, "Kaminari Girl," which smoothly moved into the dance beat of "ZIG ZAG SATURDAY NIGHT." By this point the audience was really dancing along to the fun beat.

Then YUCALI turned to the audience and yelled out, "Alright it is time to get to work! I believe in you SOUND OF FOREST!" She then yelled the introduction, "Summer Time Baby~," to HALCALI's song "Giri Giri Surf Rider", and the audience met it with an overwhelming response of "how high?" from the fans.

Last year they finished up their performance with the collaboration cover "Konya wa Boogie Back" with TOKYO No. 1 SOUL SET. This year they decided to end with their song "Harukari Michi ~19 no yoru~." After the performance they introduced their crew and let their DJ, DJ KiMJUN, play a set of music. HALCALI had great fighting spirit and energy throughout the whole performance, but it always seems best when they are being their own adorable selves.

HALCALI - Giri Giri Surf Rider PV


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