Haruna Ai reached her goal of Nippon Budokan on time!

August 29, 2010 @ 12:34 pm
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This year's 24-Hour Television has just ended moments ago, and the runner for this year, Haruna Ai (transsexual talent), reached to the goal at Nippon Budokan with time to spare! Before she got started, Ai asked Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO) to give her a hug as a reward if she could reach the goal without quitting, and Tomoya stayed true to his word as he gave her a big embrace at the finish.

Although Ai's make-up completely melted away, she had no time or strength left to even think about her appearance. By the end, the condition of her knees was quite poor, but she kept running, and endured a hard marathon of 85 km.

Very well done, Haruna Ai!

The total amount of money raised was almost 280,000,000.

Check out the video below!


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