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LUNA SEA announces REBOOT World Tour!

August 31, 2010 @ 8:30 am
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It's been a whole 10 years since the band dissolved and went their separate ways. It's also been 10 years since their last album, "LUNACY", but now the legendary band is back to prove their worth to all the SLAVES and to live up to the name, "Legend".

Rock band LUNA SEA has just announced their "REBOOT To the New Moon World Tour", which will be hitting five locations, including two in Tokyo.

The reason for the band's announcement taking place in Hong Kong is because it was their ending place. As they are starting again, they wanted to start where they ended.

It's been years since the band has been together, but all of the members still look great.

They announced four locations for the tour: Germany, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. When asked again what other cities would be added, Ryuichi stood up and wrote on the wall, "12/23-24 Tokyo Dome", and then Sugizo wrote, "and more!"

Fans from Hong Kong presented the band with a gift basket, and were able to get a photo-op with the band. Afterward, they proceeded with a Q&A from the press.

The members gave their thoughts on returning as a band again, and J said, "I'm looking forward to jamming with Luna Sea after a long time, it's very exciting." Shinya continued after him and said, "Luna Sea is my home, so I feel so comfortable."

For Sugizo it's been a long time, "It's been a long journey but were finally here. After 10 years we're united once again."

When asked about recording/performing new songs, Ryuichi replied, "We are planning to perform (some) new song(s) in this world tour."

Their feelings about the world tour? Ryuichi believes that through this tour, they "will prove our 'Legend', which everybody said 10 years ago." Sugizo said, "We are really happy to meet SLAVES all around the world."

A fan then asked, "What is your plan in this world tour? Something new to try?"

Inoran answered, "We want to express our music in all countries, especially in places we never played." J said, "I think this band is a miracle, I feel like a frozen dinosaur has been unleashed."

"We want to go to the end of the world, (like) every night is the last night," said Ryuichi.

For Shinya, "This is the heart of us on stage and (we) want fans to come."

Sugizo delivered the last statement before the conference ended, "We want to deliver the greatness of Japanese music to the world."

"I can't wait for the live!" - Inoran

"Please look forward to the tour everybody, we will show you something you have never seen before!" - J

"You, the fans, make the show, please show us your energy!" - Shinya

"This is the complete reunion of Luna Sea!" - Sugizo

"Let's have a great experience!" -Ryuichi

Although the conference started 16 minutes late, it lasted a full 30 minutes.

Because of UStream, 12945 fans (probably even more) were able to watch this live in Hong Kong.

The tour will start in Bochum, Germany and end in Tokyo, Japan.

For fans in the U.S., you can purchase tickets at Live Nation, and they are $50.

There will also be a Luna Sea Surprise Special Program. TV Asahi will air it, and it's called, "LUNA SEA's Special Program: Members talk about what REBOOT truly means". The special can be seen at midnight on Saturday, September 4.


11/27/2010 (Sat) Ruhrkongress, Bochum GERMANY
12/4/2010 (Sat) Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles USA
12/11/2010 (Sat) Asia World Expo, HONG KONG
12/18/2010 (Sat) Taipei Trade Center, Taipei TAIWAN


Tokyo Dome
12/23/2010 (Thurs/Holiday) OPEN 15:00 / START 17:00
12/24/2010 (Fri) OPEN 16:30 / START 18:30


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