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Posted by Sujin0 pt Friday, August 20, 2010

Real Naruto City makes real Hokage Rock


If youíre a fan of the manga/anime NARUTO, then you would know that Naruto is not only a fishcake you eat with ramen, but itís an actual city in the Toskushima Prefecture.

This year, the city of Naruto hosted several events to attract tourists who are fans of Masahi Kishimotoís manga, NARUTO. They offered official NARUTO gift certificates, NARUTO posters for the Awa Odori summer dance festival, and NARUTO voice actress Junko Takeuchi made a guest appearance the last day.

But that wasnít even the highlight though, as the highlight of the project was the Hidden Leafís Hokage Rock that is featured in the manga. Itís a rock-carving depicting the villageís leaders (Hokageís) Ė a Mount Rushmore-esque monument - all on top of a government building.

source: sankei, 2ch

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