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Posted by 0 pt Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shibuya HMV store closes its doors after 20 years


On August 22nd, Shibuya's flagship HMV CD store will be closing its doors in Tokyo, but they announced that before they shut down, they will have a giant live event for all the music fans who have supported them over the years. The event will be called "HMV Shibuya Otsukaresama Fest" and will feature nine hours worth of live DJs and talk shows to give a nice grand finale to the great store.

The Shibuya HMV opened back in 1990 as the flagship store for Tokyo. It has constantly been an information center for music fans in Japan and is credited with getting "Shibuya Kei," a subset of Japanese electro-pop, out to the people. Although the store has been in Shibuya for 20 years, it moved to its current central location in 1998 and although it is a mainstay in the Shibuya area, the store announced it would be closing its doors in June.

Even though the store may be disappearing, fans and artists don't want to see it go out without a bang. Many artists felt they needed to do something for the HMV Shibuya store and wanted a 'final festival' for everyone to enjoy. The store certainly had a great impact on the music scene in Shibuya and this will allow fans and artists alike to say "thanks for the hard work."

The farewell event on the 19th will take over the first and second floor of the store and will feature Sunday Service, Hoff Dylan, Kaji Hideki, GOING UNDERGROUND, NORTHERN BRIGHT, Otogibanashi, Maeno Kenta, MOROHA, SUGIURUMN, DJ YOGURT, Gota Nishidera (Nona Reeves), TRAKS BOYS, and Yatsui Ichirou (Ereki Komikku).

On the final day of the store, the lineup will be Sunaga, Shuya Okino, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Jazztronik, Shachou (SOIL&PIMP SESSIONS), DJ KAWASAKI, WATUSI (COLD FEET), i-dep, Nakatsuka Takeshi, M-SWIFT, Tsuyoshi Sato (BLACK EDITION), Nakada Akira (Osaka Monorail), Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro, Kentaro Takahashi, Momoko Suzuki, Shiina Junpei, wyolica, orange pekoe, ROOT SOUL, and eli from Love Tambourines.

"HMV Shibuya Otsukaresama Fest" will be held from 10am until 11pm when the shop closes. The final event, "Regeneration", is currently scheduled for 2PM until 11PM on the final day.

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