Tamaki Hiroshi & Kato Rosa back together?

August 27, 2010 @ 1:46 am
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Gossip magazine, "FRIDAY", (published on the 27th) reported that Tamaki Hiroshi and Kato Rosa, were out on dates in July and August. It's been reported that they were in a relationship in the fall of 2004, but broke up in 2007.

Although both of them have been reported to be dating different partners after they broke up, "FRIDAY" says that they are now back together, after 3 years.

"FRIDAY", released photos of their dates, and even them going out with Rosa's mother. Rosa's agency said that they are just close friends, and Tamaki's agency did not comment.

Whether it's true or false, they look cute together, don't they?

Source: Sanspo.com


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